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Show Your Fair Trade, Organic Love on Valentine’s Day

Posted by deborahmclaren on January 22, 2010

Valentine’s Day Flowers and Chocolates that Support the Environment!

According to TransFair USA, the Fair Trade Certified label on your bouquet means that flower workers, most of whom are women, can put food on their tables, send their children to school, invest in community development, and use sustainable farming methods.

The best idea – buy locally! However, if you live in a northern climate like I do, that’s not always easy to do so you want to check with TransFair to determine where you can purchase certified flowers. You can also order organic flowers online for delivery, and support a good environmental cause at the same time – what’s not to like?

For local flowers, first search Local Harvest and find a floral farm, farmer’s market or CSA near you. By cutting down on transportation distances, you’ll be supporting local business and saving on carbon emissions – something anyone would love. Local blooms vary, so Local Harvest also offers lots of unique choices that can be ordered from their site.

One World Flowers believes in supporting sustainable business practices, human rights compliance, and fair compensation for workers in countries all over the world. According to their mission statement, “Suppliers of agricultural products are often pressured by American and European companies to lower costs in order to keep prices low for consumers. Many people don’t realize that because of this, hundreds of thousands of workers in South America, Asia, and Africa are exposed to physical, mental, and sexual abuse each day at work. In the floral industry, most of these workers are women who are not paid fairly for the long hours they are sometimes forced to work. In addition, workers are not given protective gear to wear when dealing with the dozens of harmful chemicals that are used to grow flowers. As a result, many of their children are stillborn or have major birth defects. Fair Trade is changing all of this!”

The Organic Consumer’s Union has made it easy for us to choose not just flowers but lots of other special Valentine’s day treats for our loved ones. Check out their suggestions for fair trade, organic flowers and chocolate!

My pick this year is EcoLogic Development Fund’s organic bouquet.

This Valentine’s Day show your loved one how much you really care with an organic bouquet! EcoLogic has teamed up with Organic Bouquet to offer you a special opportunity.

Purchase a special bouquet of sustainably grown Crown Majesty Roses for that special someone and Organic Bouquet will donate 10% of your purchase to EcoLogic. (The full 10% will be applied at checkout.)

You can show your love for your valentine and the environment at the same time! Visit Organic Bouquet today at
to get your flowers delivered in time for the holiday!

Next week I’ll take a peek at eco-friendly Valentine get-aways and organic wines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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