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Local Flavor Travel

Posted by deborahmclaren on November 1, 2010

Please join me on my new Facebook page which celebrates LOCAL food, art, culture, heritage and travel. Please feel free to post about locally-owned businesses, organizations and events! See you THERE!

Buying local is the best investment in our economy!

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The Food Museum and the Potato Museum – yo foodies and travelers!

Posted by deborahmclaren on June 9, 2010

I just came across a gem! The Food Museum! And their sister museum, The Potato Museum! As a lifetime potato girl, I’m intrigued, entranced, salivating and wanting more. They are cool cause they are also online museums and you can visit for free.

The Food Museum examines what we eat and how we eat it, where it came from, how it has evolved, what its impact is on the world, and what its future may be. It researches, collects, preserves, exhibits and explains the history and social significance of the world’s foods. The museum brings artifacts and programs to where people gather, both in person and on-line.

FOOD Museum Online offers exhibits on food history and food heritage sites. Their home page features temporary exhibits and serves as a gateway to food issues, their food news blog, educational programs, book reviews, other food favorites and links.

An American original, the potato is contradictory. What grows above ground is poisonous, what grows below is nourishing. And–though it develops underground, the potato is not a root.

Neither “humble,” nor “lowly,” the potato has traveled widely, stimulated scientific research, erased famine, delighted cook and diner alike, influenced popular culture, inspired artists, and changed history. Lauded as the “world’s most important vegetable,” it produces more nourishing food per acre than any other planted crop.

The tuber’s tale begins in the Andes region of South America, 8000 years ago. Visitors will explore the potato’s travels, how it grows, its influence on history, art, popular culture, and cuisine, as well as controversies surrounding the potato. Both the unraveling of the potato genome and the mystery of the origins of Late Blight are on display, too

The Potato Museum, started (1975) in Brussels, Belgium, is the world’s first museum about the potato and features the planet’s largest collection about this valuable vegetable. The Potato Museum is not a product of the potato industry. They are a non-profit educational organization dedicated to exploring the potato’s fascinating past, controversial present and promising future.

Explore the contrasts, the pros and cons that have swirled around the potato from the beginning, with its poisonous green fruit tempting up top, its powerful fuel hidden away in tubers below.

Check out the Spuds Unearthed!
May 15-October 17, 2010
2400 square feet of potato artifacts, info, imagery, music, genetic material, aeroponically-
grown potato plants, video, clues to the source of Late blight, spudheads, as well as science lectures, “Planet Potato,” a docent-powered Spud Discovery Cart, photography, and more. All in the East Gallery of the U.S.Botanic Garden, our nation’s garden and plant resource showcase right on the Mall in Washington, DC.


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