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Canning Tomatoes

Posted by deborahmclaren on October 7, 2010

We’re getting a California-summer-type fall here in Minnesota right now. The days are 70 degrees, the skies are creamy blue, the sun is low and warm, the trees are glorious golds, oranges and reds. Charles Schultz grew up here in my neighborhood, Merriam Park, in Saint Paul. A lot of the Peanuts cartoons are based in this neighborhood and the characters on his actual boyhood friends. Charles Schultz – this is the perfect day for Charlie Brown to kick a football… or not! It is the perfect day for canning tomatoes however.

Last weekend I visited the St. Paul Farmers Market and picked up a couple of big bags of tomatoes. Unfortunately they weren’t all that ripe. I’ve been ripening them in brown paper bags with a banana in each bag. A ripening banana produces ethylene, which helps in the ripening process.

Between bouts in the kitchen I’m starting My Empire of Dirt by Manny Howard who the first farm in Flatbush, Brooklyn, in generations. His goal was simple: to subsist on what he could produce on this farm, and only this farm, for at least a month.

I’ll take photos of the canning process and review Howard’s book soon.


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