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In honor of the solstice… videos

Posted by deborahmclaren on April 26, 2010

Solstice in Timelapse

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Posted by deborahmclaren on April 26, 2010

By Harold Goodwin – 30 November 2009Co-operative Travel logo

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In 2002 was one of the first companies to adopt carbon offsetting and it is now one of the first to abandon the approach. Recognizing that flying is currently one of the fastest growing sources of CO2 emissions has mounted a campaign to say no to carbon offsetting and to say yes to carbon reduction.

Justin Francis of is reported in The Independent today. He said that he had decided to abandon offsets because he believes they have become “a medieval pardon that allows people to continue polluting”. He went on

“Carbon offsetting is an ingenious way to avoid genuinely reducing your carbon emissions,” he said yesterday. “It’s a very attractive idea – that you can go on living exactly as you did before when there’s a magic pill or medieval pardon out there that allows people to continue polluting.”

As the makers of the excellent film clip Cheat Neutral made clear you cannot offset the damage you do the environment by flying by paying someone else to reduce their carbon emissions. If you have not watched the movie, watch it now. It will make you smile.

As say on their site “Offsetting flights has too often been seen as an opportunity to go on flying the same amount or more.”’s message is clear fly less, make the essential life style changes and when we do fly make it count by choosing a holiday which will have a positive impact in the destination. have launched a range of lower carbon travel experiences, encouraging the use of the train and public transport and reminding us that there is much to be enjoyed and experienced closer to home with 200 UK holiday ideas.

Whilst as individuals we can make a difference we should not ignore the scale of the problem we need national and international action to slow global warming –

The Independent quotes some of the offers available on offsets, it is surely a matter of considerable concern that the amount of carbon emitted varies so much and the cost too.. The British government’s official Shadow Price of Carbon is £28 per tonne Clearly offsetting provides a cheaper deal, but that is not covering the real cost of the damage caused by the carbon emitted which using the DFRA figure is significantly higher.

The examples reported by The Independent
What do some of the major offset companies charge for offsetting a return flight from London to Sydney for two people?
*Climate Care: 11.23 tonnes of CO2 which costs £98.03 to offset.
*Carbon Clear: 2.82 tonnes of CO2 which costs £21.15 to offset
*The Carbon Neutral Company: 6.1 tonnes of CO2 which costs between £52 and £122 to offset depending on which project you choose
*Offset Carbon: 8 tonnes of CO2 at £76

This Article first appeared on the Harold Goodwin Blog

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National Park Service waiving entrance fees at all 392 parks for a week

Posted by deborahmclaren on April 15, 2010

From CNN:

(CNN) — It takes $25 per car before visitors driving into Grand Canyon National Park can enjoy its spectacular beauty, but the price of admission is going away — for just a little while.

The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees at all of its 392 parks for a week starting Saturday as part of its annual National Park Week celebration.

So you won’t have to open your wallet to visit such popular places as Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon or Yosemite.

“We are rolling out the red carpet and inviting everyone to visit a national park,” Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said in a statement.

“Most people live within a short drive of a national park, so I encourage everyone to spend some time enjoying America’s Great Outdoors,” added National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis.

Earth Day (April 22) and National Junior Ranger Day (April 24) take place during the fee-free week, and there will be activities and events to mark each of the dates.

Visitors should be aware that they will still have to pay the usual fees at campgrounds and concession stands, and any fees collected by third parties.

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