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Counting down the days!

Posted by deborahmclaren on February 18, 2009

Next week I’m heading to the Yucatan, the Mayan Riviera! I’m packing already and trying to imagine what its like in 90 degree weather since we’ve just had the coldest January I’ve ever experienced here in Minnesota! I always have that problem and tend to pack way too much. This time I’m bound and determined to get 2 adults and 1 child’s worth of stuff into one suitcase.

CEA Front

CEA Front

We’re going on an ecological educational experience. Anil will take the time off from school so we want to make the most of it. Our plans are participating in the Centro Ecological Akumal Festival!!! This year their theme is Reuse–Recycle–Restore. CEA is planning events and exhibits related to reducing consumption, recycling waste and working to restore Akumal’s ecosystems.

Akumal means “the place of the turtle” in Mayan.  If you can’t make it to the festival you can participate in the adopt-a-baby-turtle program!


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