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Application date extended for Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award

Posted by deborahmclaren on December 4, 2008



STEP 1: Nominating Websites
Anyone can nominate an indigenous sustainable tourism website, simply fill the application form. We would like to hear from ILCs who have lessons to share on how their websites promote ecotourism, biodiversity and sustainable tourism. Eco travelers who have found helpful websites may also nominate their favorite site. Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday, December 30, 2008.

STEP 2: Choosing nominees
The application asks what information the website includes, particularly the practical information for travelers about indigenous ecotourism, sustainable practices and biodiversity. For example, we ask whether the site includes details about the communities’ traditions, protected areas and practical details. Does the site include exterior links to local ILC businesses and conservation groups? Does the site highlight indigenous or aboriginal tourism options?

The best sites will be asked if they are willing to be reviewed in this process. Nominees will be asked to include a link to the ITBW Award and the logo on their website.

STEP 3: Voting
Voting takes place from January 20-February 28, 2009. The decision of the judging panel and popular vote will be final.

STEP 4: Announcing the winner
The winner of the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award will be announced on line and showcased at a significant international tourism event in early 2009.

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