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American Indian and Alaska Native Tourism Assocation Conference

Posted by deborahmclaren on October 8, 2008

Last week I joined people from across the US in Couere D’Alene, Idaho for the AIANTA conference 2008 “Tribal Tourism: Culture and Commerece.”  For more information about AITANTA go to I joined Kathy Aplan, the Director of Oglala Lakota College’s TV Production Program (unfortunately Juanita Lindsay of White Earth Land Recovery Project was unable to join us) to give a presenation about “How We Tell Our Stories: New Media, Technologies, Tourism and more.”  You can download a copy of the power point presentation from this weblog.


Having problems? You can also download this file from slideshare!  Go to

2 Responses to “American Indian and Alaska Native Tourism Assocation Conference”

  1. Ron Mader said

    Thank you for sharing this presentation!

  2. […] Idaho (and where the above example was found) — I discovered it through a member’s posting & blog link in a listserv to which I subscribe. The blog contains some additional links to indigenous tourism, […]

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